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TechSmith Knowmia: Getting Started

TechSmith Knowmia - formerly known as TechSmith Relay- is a video creation and sharing platform. All teachers, students, and staff at CU have a Techsmith Knowmia account, where they can upload, store, and share high definition videos within ample storage space.

Get It:

To access TechSmith Knowmia, go to and log-in with your CU Denver account.

Learn it:

You can get started with the basics on this Knowmia Tutorials page.

To watch an overview of the platform, watch this video:

To open your account using your university credentials, you can follow the steps in this tutorial:


1 The first step is to open New Tab and click Address and search bar

Step 1 image

2 Go to 

Step 2 image

3 Click Sign In

Step 3 image

4 Enter your university credentials

Step 4 image

5 Click Login

Step 5 image

6 Click Create to upload a video 

Step 6 image

7 Click Upload Media

Step 7 image

8 Click Select Files to Upload

Step 8 image

9 Select the video file you wish to upload

Step 9 image

10 Click Open

Step 10 image

11 That's it. You're done.

Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

When you download the TechSmith Capture App, you can either create screencasts or webcam videos. Follow these steps to download, install, and start recording your first video:

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