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Remote Access: DUO & VPN

If you are working remotely and are accessing the university's network, you have the option of using the virtual private network (VPN) or the virtual desktop VMware Horizon for remote access. With both options, you will need to authenticate with Duo, our multi-factor authentication app.

Working off Campus

First you need to Install and register for Duo Security. The Duo app will turn your mobile phone (highly recommended), iPad, tablet or landline into a multi-factor authenticator.

- How to install Duo Security app, view this short video

- Step-by-step Installation and registration instructions are available here.

Option 1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You will need to:

  1. Install and register with Duo (review the steps above), and

2.  Download the VPN client for your selected device.

You're ready to use the new VPN!

Option 2. Remote Desktop and Applications

This option is designed for temporary sessions. Users must save all files to their personal network drive, the H:\ drive or OneDrive for Business. Be sure to install and register for Duo first before starting the VMware Horizon Client.

Learn more

How to setup remote access to the university network step-by-step

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