Padlet is a versatile application that offers both free and paid versions. Padlet is extremely versatile and was designed to be used as a collaborative bulletin board for teachers and students, enabling them to interact online.

Padlet's boards are configurable and can be used as a space to organize information or as a gallery space for students to display their work or as a blog.

Padlet boards can be configured for personal use or as collaborative interactive spaces for sharing ideas, photos, videos and articles.

Padlet also offers a special product for schools called Backpack and a product geared toward business use called Briefcase. Both Backpack and Briefcase are paid products and offer a higher level of privacy and security and allow schools and businesses to replace the Padlet logo with their own branding and logos.

Get It

Anyone may download and install Padlet for free and set up an account through the product website:

Learn It

An overview of Padlet's many features may be found at:

For a thorough introduction to Padlet:

A great YouTube tutorial on using Padlet in the classroom:

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