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How to Record Video Assignments

Depending on the instructions, students can record and submit video assignments in different ways. In this document, we explain some of them.

Method 1: Recording directly to Canvas

For short videos, let's say 1 or 2 minutes long, you can record your media directly into Canvas. You can do that using the Instructure mobile app or your computer.

Using the Canvas App (Instructure Mobile App)

These tutorials show you how to record a video from your mobile device using the Instructure App:

Using a computer

You can record directly to your Canvas assignment or discussion using your desktop or laptop computer. Watch this tutorial to follow the steps:

Note that the Rich Content Editor is used in features that support the editor, such as Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes.

Method 2: Video Presentations

If the assignment requires you to make a presentation that includes slides, then you can choose one of the following options. The first one is to record your presentation using Zoom, so it includes the images of your webcam and the slides. Other options are recording a slideshow directly into PowerPoint (PPT) or recording a presentation in Google Meet. Note that these last two options do not allow you to record yourself using your webcam. Finally, you can record, store, and share your videos using TechSmith Knowmia.

Zoom Presentation Recording

If you are required to record yourself while presenting, you can use Zoom to do that. Zoom allows you to record the image from your webcam and your slides while sharing your screen. To learn how to do this, watch this tutorial:

Video: Zoom Presentation Recording

PowerPoint SlideShow Recording

If you are not required to show yourself using a webcam, you can record your presentation directly into PPT and export it as a video (mp4 format file). Here's a tutorial for it:

Video: PowerPoint Video Creation

Google Meet presentation recording

Other option to record video presentations, without using your webcam all the time, is using Google Meets. In this tutorial you can learn how to do it:

Video: Using Google Meet to record a presentation

TechSmith Knowmia

TechSmith Knowmia - formerly known as TechSmith Relay- is a video creation and sharing platform. All teachers, students, and staff at CU have a Techsmith Knowmia account, where they can upload, store, and share high definition videos within ample storage space.  To access TechSmith Knowmia, go to and log-in with your CU Denver account.

You can get started with the basics here:

Final Step: Upload your media file in Canvas

Finally, to upload your media files to your assignments or discussions, follow these tutorials:

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