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Camtasia & TechSmith Relay

Camtasia and TechSmith Relay are both tools for recording and editing videos. This article will describe how to use these two tools together to create high-quality videos, then add them directly to your Canvas course.

About Camtasia

Camtasia specializes in creating high-quality videos. You can use Camtasia to record your screen then add effects such as text, transitions, and music. Click here to learn how to request access for Camtasia, or click here to learn more about its features.

About TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay has screen-recording capabilities as well, but you can also upload videos directly from Camtasia to Relay. Once your video is in Relay, you can add quiz questions and discussion threads directly to your videos. Relay also provides video analytics and accessibility support, such as automated closed-captioning. Click here and log in with University credentials to access TechSmith Relay, or click here to learn more about its features.

From Camtasia to Relay to Canvas

To upload your video directly from Camtasia to Relay, click the green Share button in Camtasia and choose TechSmith Relay from the drop-down menu. If TechSmithRelay is not listed as a sharing option in Camtasia, you need to download the TechSmith Relay Recorder. To do this, log in to Relay with your University credentials. Then click the gear icon in the site header, next to your profile picture, and choose “Download Classic Recorder.” Click here for more details about how to download the classic recorder.

You can then easily embed a TechSmith Relay video in Canvas. If you want grades from the video to automatically populate your Canvas gradebook, you can add your video to Canvas as an assignment using the "External Tool" setting; click here to learn more. If you are not interested in gathering data or assigning grades, you can embed the video within a Canvas page or announcement using the rich text editor; click here to learn more.

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