TechSmith Knowmia: Getting Started

TechSmith Knowmia [] - formerly known as TechSmith Relay- is a video creation and sharing platform. All teachers, students, and staff at CU have a

How to Record Video Assignments

Depending on the instructions, students can record and submit video assignments in different ways. In this document, we explain some of them. Method 1: Recording directly to Canvas For short

Using Doc Drop with

What is Doc Drop? [] is an open (free to use) resource that allows you to drag and drop almost any document from your computer to

Creating and Using Groups

What is a Group? Instead of every comment, annotation, and reply being visible to anyone and everyone, created a group function allowing a space where only

TechSmith Knowmia: Conversations

TechSmith Knowmia [] -formerly known as TechSmith Relay- is a recording, editing, and sharing video platform. It allows faculty and students to have conversations at

Camtasia & TechSmith Relay

Camtasia and TechSmith Relay are both tools for recording and editing videos. This article will describe how to use these two tools together to create high-quality videos, then add them


Medium is an online publishing platform. Medium is a website where people can post articles, stories and other content. Anyone can write and post to Medium, making it in theory


Padlet is a versatile application that offers both free and paid versions. Padlet is extremely versatile and was designed to be used as a collaborative bulletin board for teachers and

Guard Yourself from Zoombombing

Sadly, part of life is dealing with people that like to create disruptions for their own amusement. Whether it's a streaker at a football game, kids playing ding-dong-ditch, or online